Yoink (e.)(v.) - Take that.

Yoink (e.)(v.) - Take that.

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An onomatopoeic exclamation accompanying or describing a yank, or snatch.

To take or snatch.

History & Etymology

I haven’t been able to find a definitive first recorded use of the word yoink. There are a couple of things that we do know about this wonderful word.

First is that it is obviously an onomatopoeia, and it was popularized by... What else... The Simpsons.

Initially I was under the impression that the word yoink was created by one of the Simpsons writers, but as I was researching I found a couple of dead links that supposedly went to a tweet from Bill Oakley, a former showrunner on the Simpsons, where he said he stole the word from an Archie comic. That sent me down a rabbit hole of searching for the first attestation of the word.

But let’s go back to the beginning. If yoink is onomatopoeic what sound is it imitating? Grabbing things doesn’t really make a sound and if it did it doesn’t sound like yoink.

I think it goes all the way back to the days of old time radio and early animation. In the days of radio dramas there were no visuals and everything had to be represented by sound, even some action that don’t make sounds. This includes sounds for yanking. And in early animation they couldn’t easily sync sound with the film so all the sound effects were written in to the score played by a band in the theater, so the sounds effects were played on instruments. This seems to be the explanation of how some silent actions came to have noises associated with them.

That’s why I think the story about the Simpsons showrunner getting the from an Archie comic makes sense. Comics is where a lot of the spellings for these sounds came from.

But the Simpsons took this onomatopoeia and made it a word that people use all the time when they grab something.




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