Trump (v.)(n.) - It's all in the cards.

Trump (v.)(n.) - It's all in the cards.

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A card whose suit gives it a greater value than others.

Also, a resource or option that will overcome an obstacle or objection.


To get the better of; triumph over.

History & Etymology

The fool card or the joker in many games is the highest card, the card that trumps all others, and card games is where we get the word trump from. Actually it goes back to an Italian game played with tarot cards. This game was called trionfi and it’s name meant “Triumphs”. In this game one suit was selected to be the trump suit and any card from that suit was valued higher than all of the others.

The word trionfi came into Italian from, obviously, Latin, as the word triumphus. Likely this was a borrowed from a greek word thriambos which translates to the “hymn of Dionysus.” For those who don’t know Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, fertility, theatre and ritual madness. These words generally refer to celebration after a victory.

And this is something I find very interesting about this word trump. It seems to represent victory and triumph, but not only that it comes from a word that had more to do with celebration and even to some extent madness, drunkenness and foolishness. Even in cards the top trump card is the fool or the joker, a symbol of madness and silliness.

This really makes you think about the crazy world we live in. The craziness, the madness, the winning.

I’m not sure I’m tired of winning yet. Especially if it means I get to keep laughing at the madness.


Equanimity (n.) - A quality I need to keep up this pace of video production.

Equanimity (n.) - A quality I need to keep up this pace of video production.

Nerd (n.) - It's what I am.

Nerd (n.) - It's what I am.