Suborn (v.)

Suborn (v.)

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To secretly incentivize another person to commit a crime or misdeed, through methods like bribery or threats.

History & Etymology

This word is another borrowing from French like many legal and political terms. In French the word suborner meant to “seduce, instigate, or bribe.” and following the word back in to latin we find that it is comprised of two parts.

Meaning “under”


Meaning “to equip”

Looking at the two words together you can see the meaning of the word suborn, “to equip in secret or under the table.”
Using etymologies like this are a great way to help commit a new word to memory. Taking the different elements of the word and tying it to words you already know can be a great technique.  With suborn you can look at the prefix sub- it’s the same as submarine, meaning under. Another interesting little bit to know about the Etymology is that ornare in latin is the origin of our word order.

So you I like to imagine someone giving orders under a table to avoid being seen.


Fact (n.) - Quick Entry

Fact (n.) - Quick Entry

Pedantic (a.) - Pretty well describes what I do here.

Pedantic (a.) - Pretty well describes what I do here.