Propaganda (n.) - It’s half the battle.

Propaganda (n.) - It’s half the battle.

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Information distributed with the intended purpose of creating widespread agreement with a particular ideology.

History & Etymology

In the early 1600s Pope Gregory the 15th was noticing that Protestant countries were expanding and creating colonies all around the world. With the spread of Protestantism the Catholic church was starting to feel the pressure, and they needed a way to spread their church. That’s when he founded an organization called “Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide” or in English “congregation for propagating the faith.”

Propagating or Propaganda in the sense used in the name of this organization meant to spread.  It comes from two roots. First is Pro- meaning “forth” as in to come forth, and Pag- meaning “to fasten, or connect.” Pag- is also the source of the word “pact” meaning an agreement.

Even before its current definition it had components that meant “spreading agreement”.

It wasn’t until the 1790s that the word became associated with secular information campaigns, and not until the mid 19th century that it gained its negative connotation.


Religion (n.) - The Church Is The State

Religion (n.) - The Church Is The State