Media (n.)

Media (n.)

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Television, newspapers, radio, webpages, or any system or apparatus that organizes, selects and delivers news and information to the public.

History & Etymology

The word media is the plural of medium. Any single channel where you receive information could be referred to as a medium. This is the same word you see when you’re buying T-shirts, it’s the size between small and large, or it’s the person sitting at the end of the table at a seance claiming to speak for the spirits. A medium is something in between, and that’s the role the media plays. It’s the go between for the public and the news.

Going back to the 1590s the word medium came to initially to “a substance that a force can be transmitted through.” This definition includes the air we use to speak with. Air is a medium of communication and was among that first to be referred to as media. By 1795 the meaning expanded to print publication, and with the many publication available the plural media became applied to the industry in general.


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Laconic (a.) - IF