March (n.) - Mars

March (n.) - Mars

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The third month of the year.

History & Etymology

As we’ve learned from the past two months I’ve covered, the names of the months generally come primarily from Roman deities, but March is special.  It’s the only month that’s named after the same god as a planet.

March comes from the Roman name for the month Martius, which was the first month of the Roman calendar. (When we get to September we’ll see why that’s important.) This was a very important month for the Romans it was the first month of spring everything starts getting greener, and the weather gets good enough to go to war. March was the beginning of the war season for the Romans. That appears to be the primary reason for naming this month after this particular deity. Another interesting note I found out about mars while looking in to this month is that for some of the communities around the Italian peninsula saw Mars as a forest or vegetation god calling him Mars Silvanis.

This may be a kind of chicken and egg problem, but it’s also a possibility that March got its name because of the coming of spring or mars got vegetation associated with him due to the first month of spring being named after him.


Spam (n.)(v.) -  Spammity Spam, Wonderful Spam

Spam (n.)(v.) - Spammity Spam, Wonderful Spam

Yoink (e.)(v.) - Take that.

Yoink (e.)(v.) - Take that.