Equanimity (n.) - A quality I need to keep up this pace of video production.

Equanimity (n.) - A quality I need to keep up this pace of video production.

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The quality of remaining calm and composed in stressful or difficult situations.

Etymology & Vocabulary Building

The word equanimity goes back through French to the Latin word aequanimitatem which is a compound of two words.

This is where knowing the etymology of a word can help you learn new words. The first word is aequus meaning “equal or even” both words you already know and similar enough to the beginning of equanimity that you can draw a connection to “equal or even.”

The second latin word it comes from is animus originally meaning “mind or spirit” and came from a PIE word ane- meaning “breath.” The modern word I like to associate this root with is animation. This helps to create a great mental image to cement this word in my mind.

Now if we combine this with another memory technique, connecting the word with some you know, we can really get this word down. You probably know someone who can hold their cool under stressful circumstances. No picture that person in your mind as a cartoon character and put them in the most chaotic Looney Toons style situation, but their still holding their cool as the world falls apart around them.





Politics (n.)

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