Calumny (n.) - An Old Word For A Modern Problem.

Calumny (n.) - An Old Word For A Modern Problem.

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An inaccurate or misrepresentative piece of information intentionally spread to harm the reputation of people or ideas.

History & Etymology

Calumny is a word I didn’t know we needed. I first came across this word in a quote I used in my last video on the word propaganda. Here’s the quote from Historian Robert Ensor again.

"Hitler...puts no limit on what can be done by propaganda; people will believe anything, provided they are told it often enough and emphatically enough, and that contradicters are either silenced or smothered in calumny."

It’s a word that sums up how many independent voices on the internet are being treated by the MSM and big tech firms. When a center left person is called a Nazi or a white nationalist that is calumny. It’s false information meant to keep those who might find someone interesting from ever watching them in the first place.

Calumny comes from an ancient Roman legal term, columnia, which was the crime of knowingly and maliciously bringing false accusations against someone. It’s similar to the concepts of slander and libel in modern law.

Afrania, who was the wife of a Roman senator, appeared so often before the praetor that muliebris calumnia, when translated means Women’s Calumny, became such a big problem that eventually women were prohibited from bringing charges on behalf of someone else.


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