Love (n.) - What is Love?

Love (n.) - What is Love?

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A commitment to build trust and belief between you and another person.

Also refers to the emotions surrounding infatuation, and arousal.

History & Etymology

Something really surprised me while I was researching the history of the word love, that  was the other words derived from the same Proto-Indo-European root. Words like leave, believe, liberty.  


What surprised me most was the connection to the word leave, because when you hear the word leave you think about going away or separating. Looking at the way the word is used it makes sense, in a military context leave means you get permission to essentially take a vacation. It means they trust you to return, or remain faithful to your duties.

What the original definition of Leubh- seemed to be was “to care for, or to desire”  and the definition has stayed largely the same as Love made its way through the Germanic roots of English. Through the German word liebe, and the Old English word lufu, and becoming love in modern English.

Prescription & Commentary

Now here I’d like to get a bit mushy about the concept of love, which I think is different then most people. When I was younger I had a metaphor I liked to use describe what I believe love is. And of course my imagery was based entirely on the words we use to describe the experience of being in love. After looking into the history of the word love I think my description still holds true. So here’s my metaphor:

Love is a hole. You can fall in love, like a hole, and get stuck and hurt, but if you avoid the hole and take the time to plant something in it and fill it with trust, joy, companionship, and belief, you can make it grow. It takes work, it takes toil, it can take everything you have but if you tend to this hole and what you’ve planted in it. It can grow into something beautiful.

That was actually in my vows for my first marriage, so take anything I say about love with a grain of salt.

When I found out the word love is related to the word liberty it really struck a chord in me. Liberty is about freedom and responsibility. You should be free to live your life as you choose, but you have to be willing to live with the consequences of your actions. Putting this concept together with love, and then adding in the idea behind the word leave, like granting permission. I realized that love was a sort of consent. It’s trust placed in another person.

I think I’m going to talk about love a lot more on one of my other channels. It’s a BitChute exclusive so follow the link in the description to subscribe. It’s a rant channel with unedited videos of me talking about spiritual and religious stuff. I’m no expert in that stuff either but it’s stuff I like thinking and talk about.


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