Gun(n.) - Chooser of the slain


A device consisting primarily of a tube through which a projectile is forced at a high speed causing it to fly straight through the air.

It can also be applied to objects that physically resemble these devices, and can also refer to people that wield these weapons.

Hate (n.)(v.)


Intense dislike or disgust usually resulting in aversion or hostility stemming from a feeling of hurt and anger.

To feel intense dislike, disgust, or have an aversion or hostility towards a person or thing.

Liberalist (n.) - Sargon of Akkad starts a movement.

On January 9, 2018 Carl Benjamin, a YouTuber who goes by the screen name Sargon of Akkad, released a video entitled 2018: What We Can Do. In this video he proposed a word, a label, for a movement he believes may change the course of political discussion. That word is....




An activist for liberty, and classical liberal principles.