Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PokeDoom: Professional Pokemon Investigation and Elimination

Digging through some of my old videos and photos I came across this little gem from my past.  As you can see from the image here it is a CD with a very faded drawing of a Koffing.  This is one of the few records of my hobbies while I was in high school.  Most of that content was lost in the aether of the internet after GeoCities went the way of the down.

This disc contains a mod I had began but never finished.  I never really got very far but I had big ambitions for this mod.

Around the time I made this disc was when Half-Life was very popular and I had discovered that you could create your own levels and maps.  This subsequently devoured much of my free time.  I didn't particularly want to learn how to model characters and rig a skeleton.  That meant if I wanted to make a total conversion mod I'd need something a little easier to edit.  So Doom it is.  Dooms sprites were easy to replace with my own sprites and the level editing is still one of the simplest you can find.

As a test of this concept I began by creating what I figure would be the simplest Pokemon to replicate.  That is why I settled on Koffing replacing the Cacodemon.  The Cacodemon had no walk cycle and and the turn around Koffing was pretty much a matter of moving his face over a little bit.

The concept was that in the world of Pokemon some Pokemon would be considered pests and would need to be removed or eliminated.  It was the players job to remove and eliminate these Pokemon. Most of the weapons would remain the same pistols, shotguns, but others would be changed.  I wanted to make the rocket launcher into a pokeball.  Eventually the player would need to take out a Mewtwo run amok after escaping team rockets lab.

Here are links to download the map shown in the video and the sprites.  If you are familiar with Doom wad files please feel free to use and modify these files.  I would love for some one to complete my dream of PokeDoom.

Map download here:

Koffing Sprite: