Thursday, December 18, 2014

10,000 hours of team building and leadership training.

This is something EVERY one needs to watch.  It explains something I've believed in for a long time.

Games like World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online have been building  team work and leadership and leader ship skills for years now.  It's almost at a point where putting guild master on a resume should be a plus with 10,000 hours of training some of these guild leaders have.

What she has to say about escapism is right in line with what one of may favorite authors had to say about it: 

“I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy-stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is plain that I do not accept the tone of scorn or pity with which 'Escape' is now so often used. Why should a man be scorned if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls?”
― J.R.R. Tolkien