Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pokeball Cake

First off, let me start off by stating that my mom is brilliant.

I never liked cake when I was growing up, and that always made things difficult when my birthday came around.  My mom was always a good sport about it.  Most of the time I would just end up with an ice cream cake, but once in a while I’d have an idea for something different.  Even when it came to making cake my mom was great at creating incredible designs.

That's not sushi or cake!
Rice Krispies Treat Sushi

When my girlfriends daughter showed an interest in having a Pokemon themed birthday party my eyes lit up.  I thought to myself, “This could make for an awesome cake.”  I called my mom up and asked if she could think about a way to make an amazing Pokemon cake.  I gave her a couple of ideas, but her idea was so much better than mine.  A pinata cake!

My mom had sent me that link and I was all in on that idea.  After finding a fondant recipe on the internet my she went spent most of today trying to figure out how to get this cake together.  

And yes there is a Pokemon inside!